Lecture/Computer course: Introduction to Bioinformatics | [link]
Department of Food Science & Biotechnology
MCI-The Entrepreneurial School
Summer term 2022;

Lecture: Sustainability & Natural Sciences | [link]
Department of Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management
MCI-The Entrepreneurial School
Winter term 2020, 2021, 2022;

Laboratory course: Waste Management: Anaerobic Digestion | [link]
Department of Microbiology
University of Innsbruck
Winter term 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023;

Lecture: Environmental Biotechnology | [link]
Department of Food Science & Biotechnology
MCI - The Entrepreneurial School
Summer Term 2021;

(Co-)Supervised students

Elisa Gemassmer:
Isolation and characterization of microbes associated with black soldier fly oviposition
Master thesis (in progress)

Maria Payr:
Austrian wastewater microbiome
Master thesis (in progress)

Veronika Rehm:
Analysis of 16S rRNA Illumina amplicon sequencing data of microbial communities -
Comparison of two bioinformatics pipelines (DADA2 and Mothur)
Bachelor thesis

Sabine Stockklauser:
Physarum polycephalum
Bachelor thesis

Anna Serra:
Models and concepts for rearing Hermetia illucens
Bachelor thesis

Katharina Stonig:
Microbial colonization on different developmental stages of the black soldier fly Hermetia illucens
Bachelor thesis

Lisa Scharinger:
Metagenome sequencing and bioinformatical data analysis
Bachelor thesis

Simon Oberegger:
The microbiota on the surface of black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae.
Bachelor thesis

Julia Rothärmel:
Collaboration in anaerobic digestion experiments
Student project assistant

Nazlıcan Yalçin:
Assistance in ongoing experiments
Erasmus+ Internship