After multiple years of successful and stimulating collaboration, our EU COST Action on “Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques for Human Microbiome Studies” has come to an end.

Fig. 1 - Joint APC Microbiome Ireland & final ML4Microbiome Conference in Cork, Ireland.

I joined the network in the final stage of my PhD and had no prior experience with COST actions, however, my involvement in this network proved to be very enriching. Engaging in various activities such as working groups and seminars broadened my academic perspective and improved my skills in project management and interdisciplinary communication. Through networking, I established valuable collaborations, contributed to publications, and presented at international events. Reflecting on this experience, I appreciate the opportunities it provided for collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange as I transition into the next stage of my academic career.

Fig. 2 - 4th Management Committee Meeting & Working Groups Meeting in Turku, Finland.

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